Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many days is the Sarpsamskara Pooja?

Sarpasamskara is a 2 days Pooja.

I have booked for only one day. Do I need to book for the 2nd day too?

No. You need not book for the 2nd day. The 2nd day is automatically reserved.

If I have booked for Sarpasamskara, do I need to book for Nagaprathishta separately?

Sarpasamskara seva is inclusive of Nagaprathishte. So you need not book for Nagaprathishte separately.

How many people can perform the sarpasamskara Pooja?

Max 4 people of one family per seva ticket.

I am unable to attend. Can anyone else represent on my behalf for sarpasamskara?

Its always recomended that you personally witness the pooja. You can change your dates if you cant attend on the booked date. However, during worst case, someone else from your family can represent on your behalf.

When do I need to reach the temple?

Its recommended that you reach one day before your Seva date and report to sarpsamskara counter before 7 PM and collect the original receipt. If your schedules are tight, you can also reach early morning on your Seva date and collect the original receipt from sarpasamskara counter and report at Adi Subrahmanya by 8:30 AM.

I have booked sarpasamskara online. What about the accomodation? Do I need to book the rooms?

You need not book the rooms. Rooms are automatically reserved in temple lodges for CONFIRMED bookings. The rent will be extra. Any request to change in accommodation type is subjected to availabilty.

How do I get the accomodation?

After collecting the original receipt from the sarpasamskara counter, you will be informed on which temple lodge you will be accomodated in. Usually, it will be the Aslesha lodge.

How many can stay in one room? What can we do, if we have more people coming along with us?

The accomodation is for 4 people. If you are more than 4, please call on the temple phone numbers provided in the contact page of and do your extra reservervations before coming.

Can I leave back to my home/town/city on the 2nd day of sarpasamskara? At what time does the pooja finish?

Yes, The sarpasamskara pooja will be finished on the 2nd day at around 12:30 P.M. You can plan your travel accordingly.

I am not able to attend on the sarpasmskara seva on the booked date due to few reasons. Can I postpone the pooja date?

Yes. You have to contact sarpasamskara counter atleast 3 days before your seva date and inform the same. OR 1 day before in case of Emergency situations, subjected to approval by temple authority.

Why are few dates marked with red line in the calendar?

These dates are not available for booking because, the slots for these dates are either full or fall under Ekadashi.

Is the printout of the receipt mandatory?

Save papers, Go green. The confirmation email or SMS in your mobile should be enough to collect the original receipt at the sarpasamskara counter.

Do I need to bring my ID proof to collect the original receipt?

Yes. The same ID proof provided during online booking should be produced at the temple while collecting the original receipt.

I have booked twice by mistake. What should I do?

Please give us a call regarding the issue. We will refund the amount back to your bank via online or offline methods.

What are the procedures for online and offline refund?

For online refund, you need to call the technical support immediately or on the same day of payment. Technical support can be reached by calling the IVRS number on the contactus page at and requesting to connect to technical support.
In case, for some reason you couldn't request an online refund on time, then it can be refunded via offline method, for which you have to give a written letter along with your booking details to The Executive Officer when you visit the temple. Alternatively the letter can be posted and sent to the temple address. Or an email can be sent.

Amount got deducted from my account but I didnt get any receipt.

Kindly call on the temple number and request to connect to techical support. We will resend the receipt/confirmation in case your booking status is successful.

I have got a confirmation email and sms, but after few mins I got one more mail saying the payment is not completed. Is my booking confirmed ?

Please note: An email will be sent to you everytime you try to do a booking. You will be sent an email even if you close the browser after visiting the bank payment page. The second email that you might have received is for such cases. We recommend that you cross check the PAYMENT ID in your email. It will be different. The payment status of confirmed bookings will be shown as "Success" in your mail and payment status of incomplete transactions will be "Incomplete". Kindly do not get confused.

I have booked the pooja and got confirmation, but the date in the calendar is not marked with red line yet?

A calendar date is not only meant for one booking. Many devotees can book on the same date until the slots are full.